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GTD Teacher

I have been using the Getting Things Done methodology (faithfully and unfaithfully) for over a decade now.  It is still one of the most efficient ways I’ve found to capture and act on the complexity of my life. There is … Continue reading


07. June 2017 by Kendra
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Attitudes Toward Nonstandard Language in the Classroom

For my undergraduate senior honors thesis (nearly 20 years ago now), I did a study comparing attitudes toward nonstandard dialects between a German-speaking school in Austria and an English-speaking school in the United States. I don’t have the paper in … Continue reading


26. April 2015 by Kendra
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New Adventures

A new school year starts tomorrow.  We’re in a new state, far away from Minnesota, and I’ll be embarking on new teaching adventures this year, too.This year, my setting is a small private K-10 school.  Most of the classrooms are … Continue reading


26. August 2012 by Kendra
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The Personal Creed Project

At the beginning of this school year, I moved from the traditional classroom setting at my school to the dropout recovery program. At the same time, I read and was incredibly inspired by John Creger’s book The Personal Creed Project. … Continue reading


08. May 2012 by Kendra
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Media Literacy and the News Unit Plan

Here’s a unit I did a couple of years ago on Media Literacy and the News.  It’s designed to be used with the graphic novel Media Meltdown published by Orca Books and is suitable for middle school or older students … Continue reading


24. October 2011 by Kendra
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Some Days

Some days are a rodeo: you just hold on… hold on… hold on. Alone against the beast, it’s all you can do. Your teeth rattle, bones shake. White-knuckled, you cling, hoping not to faint, throw up, cry, make a fool … Continue reading


17. December 2009 by Kendra
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Dear Students (2009)

Dear Leaders of Minnesota and Future World Leaders, I promise that the only way you can fail my class is by not trying. I promise that I will do everything in my power to help you, personally, be ready for … Continue reading


16. September 2009 by Kendra
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Great American Speeches, part 1

I started this unit with a lecture introducing the rhetorical situation and the rhetorical triangle. Purdue’s Online Writing Lab has a PowerPoint presentation on the rhetorical situation that provides a great overview of the rhetorical situation. I used it but … Continue reading


01. February 2009 by Kendra
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